Pandoro Bakery

Great tasting Bake Goods

Great tasting Bake Goods

Just because you order a large quantity of baked goods, doesn't mean that all of your items have to be the same. We also create custom cakes and more for every occasion. Celebrate your holiday party with a cake designed to your specifications.

Wholesale options

• Cakes

• Pies

• Tarts

• Cookies

• Pastries

• Donuts

• Danishes

• Croissants

• French Breads

• Dinner rolls

• Kaiser Rolls

Have your wholesale orders delivered directly to your property for your convenience. We even provide delivery FREE of charge.

Customized orders

When you need wholesale orders, look no further than Pandoro Bakery

Did you know we provide wholesale products for your business? Get delicious baked goods at an affordable rate. We have over 30 years of experience providing wholesale baked goods. Our family owned and operated bakery takes pride in serving local businesses.


We specialize in providing only the best pastries, cakes, breads and more for your hotel or restaurant. Call or visit our bakery and try some of our tasty treats. Your customers will love our baked goods.

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Your wholesale order is our specialty, get started on your custom order today.

Your wholesale baked goods are delivered FREE.

Ask about our custom cakes and special orders.


We offer more than just personal cakes, you can also count on us for cakes to be served in your hotel, restaurant and more. Visit us to ask about the wholesale cakes that your customers will love.

Wholesale cakes

Place an order today for our delicious variety of bread, rolls, pastries and more for your major event. We specialize in wholesale orders for hotels and restaurants. Your guests will love the spread we provide.

Wholesale bread

Take advantage of FREE delivery on every order.

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